Monitoring the activities of Sea Change Sussex

What is Seachangewatch?

Seachangewatch has been set up by residents of Hastings and St Leonards, concerned about SeaChange Sussex, the ‘not-for-profit regeneration company’ in our town. We believe there is a serious lack of accountability and transparency in SeaChange’s activities, as well as a complete lack of consideration of the environmental impact of their projects on our green spaces.

All of SeaChange’s projects are funded with public money, much of it from the equally unaccountable and undemocratic South East Local Enterprise Partnership.  Several of SeaChange’s previous schemes appear to have failed,  yet they continue to be given more public money, with no scrutiny or oversight of these failed projects.  If SeaChange were a private company,  we believe it would have gone bankrupt some time ago, but it continues to operate because of the continual injection of public money.

Money is pumped into this company on the basis that it will create jobs, but many of the job creation promises made by SeaChange – and its predecessor, SeaSpace – have come to nothing.   Public money is being spent, our green spaces are being destroyed, yet few jobs are being created.  No elected politician of any party locally has – to our knowledge – ever asked a question about SeaChange’s activities.  We have set up this website to ask some of the questions that our politicians refuse to ask.


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