Marline Valley nature reserve and SSSI is under threat from SeaChange’s plans for a new business park at North Queensway.

The plans threaten one of Hastings’ most precious green spaces, will cause a 25% reduction in biodiversity, and make a mockery of Hastings Borough Council’s climate change action plan.

In particular, the plans threaten the SSSI, which contains 61 species of bryophyte (mosses and liverworts) including three uncommon Atlantic species. Natural England has raised serious concerns that construction work or runoff from the finished site could damage these fragile plants.

Join us at 2pm on Sunday 8 August at North Queensway to say NO to this development, and to call on Hastings Borough Council to refuse planning permission for this destructive proposal.

We’ll have a photo-opportunity, speakers, and a chance to visit Marline Valley. Bryophyte masks provided – or bring your own! If you want to bring a placard too, that would be great.

The event will be held on ‘plot 2.1’, the plot Natural England says should not be built on. It’s at the back of the site – follow the road down from the entrance.

This is a family-friendly event, well away from the road and with lots of space for running round. Bring your own placard if you like, and your friends and family.

There is a paved road for some of the distance from the road to the rally site, but the last part requires walking across a meadow which has long grass and may be uneven. Please let us know if you have access requirements.

Please bear in mind that there are no toilets at or near the site.

Please note: this protest will be fully risk assessed. Please comply with all requests made by the organisers. Please do not attend if you feel in any way unwell, have had a positive covid test within the past ten days or are showing any symptoms of covid.

Getting there

See map below for exact location (note: some people have previously ended up at the Sussex Exchange on Queensway when trying to find the site. If you find yourself there, you need to head about 300m north to find the North Queensway ‘Innovation’ Park – look for the tiny road to nowhere and the falling down sign):

Beyond the potential damage to Marline Valley, one of the objections to this site is that it is so difficult to get to if you don’t have a car. Here are the travel options:


The closest you can get to the site is Hollington Tesco. You can get the:

22A Havelock Road 1257, Tesco 1325 (timetable file:///C:/Users/andre/AppData/Local/Temp/tt-B_22A_7-20210704-only.pdf)

20 Havelock Road 1312, Tesco 1337 (timetable file:///C:/Users/andre/AppData/Local/Temp/tt-B_20_33-20210704-only.pdf)

Both buses go along the seafront and up London Road. Once you get to Tesco, it’s about a ten minute walk – see routemap below. Don’t be tempted to walk up Ingleside from the bottom – there’s no pavement and it’s quite busy. Instead, cut through Coneyburrow Gardens to avoid most of Ingleside.


For those who’d like to stretch their legs, there will be a guided walk to the site (passing through the loveliness of Church Woods). It’s about 4 miles. Meet at the junction of Pevensey Road and London Road in St Leonards at 12.30.


We’re hoping to have a bike ride from the town centre: watch this space for details.


If you are driving, you can park on Napier Road and cross Queensway to the site.

Route from Tesco to North Queensway

This event is organised by Seachangewatch

Contact: 07565 967250